Coastal Cowgirl Perfume 50 ml

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Notes of: coastal, mock orange, jasmine, ancient forest, musk, driftwood, cedar Letterpress Printed Box 50 ml Mixed by Hand Fine Fragrance Paraben + Phthalate Free Saddle Up for an Unforgettable Journey Through Coastal Breezes and Cowboy Dreams Step into the saddle and embrace the untamed allure of the West Coast with Coastal Cowgirl Perfume. Inspired by rugged coastal beauty and the free-spirited cowboy lifestyle, this fragrance blends oceanic salt, sweet mock orange blossoms, and jasmine. Musk notes evoke campfire tales beneath starlit skies, while driftwood and cedar transport you to rustic forest cabins. Coastal Cowgirl Perfume embodies the fearless spirit of the cowgirl, merging strength, independence, and the bond between woman and nature. Perfect for wanderers and lovers of the open range, let this scent carry you to sun-kissed shores and endless horizons.

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